Here are links to some of the press coverage we have received.  If you would like to interview someone from CrowdRating please EMAIL US


 Crowdfund Insider

07.06.2106 - British Journal of Photograpy's Crowdcube Campaign Awarded Gold Rating from Crowdratings

Less than a week after launching its already successful Crowdcube initiativeBritish Journal of Photography announced that Crowdratings has awarded the campaign with a gold rating. The publication revealed that it received with Gold (88%) for management, Gold (79%) for product, and Silver (69%) for investment (which it stated that this is considered a scoring Golds for both profitability and cashflow within this section).



 Crowdfund Insider

31.05.2016 - Overfunding: Men’s Grooming Brand Hommage Surpasses £500,000 Goal on Crowdcube

Just two weeks after launching its Crowdcube campaign, UK-based men’s grooming brand, Hommage, has successfully secured its initial £500,000 funding goal....  

During a recent update, Homage announced that it has received a high score from crowdfunding ratings agency, Crowdrating:

“Crowdrating is an independent rating agency specifically for crowdfunding campaigns that is the leader in its field and regulated by the Financial Conduct Agency (FCA) in the UK. Crowd rating’s rating methodology is to assess three main areas – management, product and investment, along with award gold, silver bronze or nothing for each criteria. We are happy to announce that following Crowdrating’s assessment, Homage’s fundraising campaign was awarded 3x gold in each of these critical areas.”




18.3.16 - 8 Things You Need To Know For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

How do small businesses raising money on equity crowdfunding platforms maximise their chances of getting the funds they’re seeking? New research suggests it’s all about emphasising the right part of the pitch: investors seem to care most about the management behind such businesses, they worry about the product too, but aren’t so bothered by the financials. MORE....


 Share Radio 

9.3.16 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg interviewed about CrowdRating's research report. (minute 13.35) LISTEN...


 Every Investor

3.3.16 - Crowd Investors prioritises management

A CrowdRating report shows the crowd's investment decisions are largely driven by non-financial criteria such as management team. MORE....


 Sunday Times

6.3.16 - Crowdfunding: catch a wave or wipe-out

A surfing venture shows how online investment is evolving. The perils are growing clearer too. MORE....


 Crowdfund Insider

4.3.16 - Report: CrowdRating Says Investors Focus on Management Teams First

CrowdRating, an independent platform that seeks to rate securities that are raising capital online, has published a report based on data culled from 155 equity crowdfunding campaigns from April 2015 to December 2015. MORE....


 AltFi News

2.3.16 - The Crowd Loves An Idea. But They Hate Playing The Odds

Investment wisdom tells us that valuation is the single most important consideration when choosing an equity investment.  The world is an uncertain place - even more so in the world of business.  As such only a fool would believe that they can predict the future with any certainty.  Seasoned investors tend to have learned this lesson.  Experience has taught them that even the best ideas come up against pitfalls as the un-predictable nature of the world conspires to obstruct, or even prevent, progress towards a plan. MORE....


 UK Investor Magazine

2.3.16 - What do investors look for in a crowdfunding campaign? Not financials, says new report

As more and more businesses turn to crowdfunding as a viable source of investment, what should those taking the plunge look out for when putting together their campaign? According to a report published today, businesses looking at crowdfunding should be polishing their management’s CVs – rather than investing time into perfecting financials. MORE....

 UK Investor Magazine

1.3.16 - Could investing in crowdfunding reduce your Income Tax payment?

Interested in investing in crowdfunding but unsure of the impact on your tax payment?CrowdRating, the independent ratings agency for equity crowdfunding, has launched their SEIS & EIS Calculator, a free web-based tool which shows crowdfunding investors exactly how their investment activity could affect – and enhance – their tax position. MORE....



10.2.16 -  Tax And Crowdfund Investor: UK EIS Scheme Fuels Activity

The UK’s equity crowdfunding platforms are attracting increasing numbers professional investors in the shape of angels, VCs and a wider community of high rollers who are quite prepared to invest a few thousands of pounds rather than hundreds  in the hope of securing a decent return. And as the sums invested grow larger, the tax breaks available are assuming greater prominence. MORE....

 FT Adviser

10.2.16 - Calculator launched to help investors with tax

An independent ratings agency for equity crowdfunding has launched an enterprise investment scheme calculator to show how investment could impact their tax position. MORE....

 Every Investor

9.2.16 - CrowdRating launches tax calculator

CrowdRating has launched a simple tool to show crowdfunding investors the tax impact of their investments. MORE....

 Financial Times

20.11.15 - Crowdfunding and P2P sector set to consolidate

A wave of consolidation is set to sweep through the crowdfundind and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector as smaller platforms struggle to attract a viable number of investors. MORE....


 Crowdfund Insider

4.11.15 - InvestdDen to Utilize CrowdRating for Independent Investment Reviews 

InvestDen, an FCA regulated crowdfunding platform, has partnered with CrowdRating to provide independent ratings on its securities offers. InvestDen offers both debt and equity crowdfunding. MORE....


 Share Radio

2.11.15 - Alex Heath and Modwenna Rees-Mogg interviewed about the launch of CrowdRating (minute 12.25) LISTEN....


 Money to the Masses

21.9.15 - New equity rating agency launches to help crowdfunding investors         

A new equity rating service has recently been launched with the aim of helping crowdfunding investors to make more informed decisions. MORE....

 Money's Edge

21.9.15 - Crowdrating Shines a Light on Crowdfunding Cheats

Now UK crowdfunding investors are a step closer to their institutional brethren when it comes to making informed investment decisions. Crowdrating, launched just last week, gathers and analyzes objective data about companies that seek funding. For the first time, factors such as valuation, sales predictions and exit potential will be readily available to individual investors on UK portals. MORE....


 Every Investor

18.9.15 - New equity ratings agency to help investors make smarter decisions has launched a free, easy to understand ratings tools about issuers to help investors make more informed choices about where to invest their money. MORE....



18.9.15 - Keeping Score - Ratings Tool For UK Crowdfund Investors Launched

....When faced with the  dozens of startup and early stage companies that  pitch for funds on crowdfunding platforms at any one time, how does a relatively inexperienced investor separate the wheat from the chaff?

Enter with an answer. Founded by Modwenna Rees Mogg and Alex Heath.....Crowdrating provides users with a means to compare crowdfunding investment opportunities through an easy to understand ratings system.

It works like this. Companies pitching on crowdfunding platforms  are scored against a  checklist of questions relating to management quality, the product on offer and and investability. MORE....


 Fresh Business

18.9.15 - Rating business to check crowdfunding campaigns are fair

A new rating business is set to check that claims made by crowdfunding campaigns are fair and true. Crowdrating, founded by former Interactive Investor boss Alex Heath and AngelNews founder Modwenna Rees-Mogg, uses 60 pieces of data to supply campaigns with a rating. It means businesses making false, or ludicrously over-the-top claims about their business, could become a thing of the past. MORE....


 City A.M.

17.9.15 - How to make smarter crowdfunding investments? Crowdrating wants to solve that puzzle

Crowdfunding is booming. But for investors, choosing where to place your money can feel like a minefield. A so-called agency is launching today, with the aim of helping investors make decisions hopes to change that, by giving all crowdfunding campaigns a rating of “gold”, “silver” or “bronze”. MORE....


 Financial Times

17.9.15 - Rating agency seeks to cut out noise around crowdfunding

The fast expanding equity crowdfunding sector is aiming to add a professional sheen to its investor offering with a new rating agency that will assess every company raising money on the thress biggest UK platforms. MORE....


 Crowdfund Insider

17.9.15 - CrowdRating Launches in UK to Separate “Wheatfromchaff” in Equity Crowdfunding

CrowdRating, a new platform servicing the equity crowdfunding industry in the UK, has launched operations to provide potential investors with an advisory service for listings on crowdfunding sites. MORE....


 The Daily Telegraph

17.9.15 - Crowdfunding charlatans to be named and shamed by new rating start-up


 The Economic Voice

17.9.15 - New equity ratings agency becoomes 'Investors champion' to generation crowd'

A new equity ratings agency is being launched today that will empower crowdfunding fans to make smarter investments. will provide free, easy to understand ratings about issuers so that  ‘generation crowd’ (everyday people interested in crowdfunding) can make more informed decisions about where they invest their money. MORE....


 Elite Business 

17.9.15 - The big idea: CrowdRating

Backing a business you believe in is great; losing your life savings is less so. Fortunately, CrowdRating is bringing confidence back to the crowd.

Getting in on the ground floor of the next big thing is always an exciting prospect and that’s why crowdfunding is such an attractive proposition for professional and amateur investors alike. But there’s no hiding from the fact that backing a business through an equity crowdfunding site can still be a real gamble. Fortunately, new ratings platform CrowdRating is aiming to bring some much-needed security to the funding of startups. MORE....


 Management Today

17.9.15 - Crowdfunders are getting their own ratings agency

Crowd Rating promises to help investors make more informed decisions about who they back.

Equity crowdfunding, which allows members of the public to invest in private company shares, has boomed in recent years – it grew by 420% in the UK in 2014. But some have expressed concern about the potential for investors to be mislead by the sky-high valuations and incomplete data that accompany some businesses' investment pitches.

CrowdRating, a new ratings agency for crowdfunding pitches that launched today, hopes to put those fears to rest. Its website will rate every pitch on leading crowdfunding platforms Crowdcube, Seedrs and SyndicateRoom, on the quality of their management, the viability of their product and the terms of the investment. MORE....

 Proactive Investors

17.9.15 - CrowdRating to be independent voice in crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, although it continues to rise in popularity, for some investors still feels something of a leap of faith. For the uninitiated, crowdfunding is a (reasonably) new and alternative way for existing companies and start-ups to raise early stage finance. Equity, and sometimes debt, is sold directly to investors via online platforms; the most popular so far have been Crowdcube and Seedrs. MORE....


 Tech City News

17.9.15 - Equity ratings agency for crowdfunding launches , a new equity ratings agency , has been launched to help empower crowdfunding fans to make smarter investments. The agency will provide free, easy to understand ratings about issuers so that  ‘generation crowd’ can make more informed decisions about where they invest their money. MORE....


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